Social Awareness

Alternatively called, Moral Courage, this describes Celia’s personality. Containing comments about her political and management style, favourite poems, spiritual engagements and special friendships.

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Raising Boys

Celia helped parents deal with raising adolescent boys. She encouraged parents with wisdom and humour imparting messages for both mothers and fathers for their gendered parenting.

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Empowering Matriarchs

Celia was especially passionate about supporting the matriarch within ‘at risk’ families, the one with the power to influence, change family dynamics, and improve the lives of their children.

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Women's Prisons

Celia began her work in prisons as the first women officer in a NZ male prison and left corrections after managing the Christchurch Women’s Prison. She worked to improve the rehabilitation of women inmates.

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Song - About Celia by Naia Alkhouri

12 year old Naia Alkhouri sings a song she wrote about Celia, for the unveiling of Celia’s portrait on the 6th Dec. 2015. She performed with her younger brother Luka, father Michel and two friends her age, Caterina Moreno and Fintan Spencer.

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